Station «Dostyk»

The climate is extremely continental.

Климатические условия резко континентальные

Station Dostyk belongs to Alakol district of Almaty region.

International border terminal Dostyk – Alashankou was put into operation in 1991 and it provided cargo transportation with railway transport in the communication Europe – Asia on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan forming an additional transcontinental route which connected countries of Asian-Pacific region, Middle East, Eastern and Western Europe.

Международный пограничный переход Достык

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Месторождения бентонитовых глин

Aqua-gel deposits

and Ildersaiskoye

There are minerals: Andreyevskoye and Ildersayskoye deposits of aqua-gel. Irrigated cropping and dry land farming is developed in the district. Cereal crop and vegetables are grown, and the main trend is beef and dairy cattle breeding.

г.Ушарал — районный центр

Usharal is a district center

Description of the district
  • —   Territory: 23,7 thousand square km
  • —   Population: 79,9 thousand people (incl. urban — 18,3 thousand people, rural — 61,6 thousand people)
  • —   Population density: 3,4 people/square km
  • —   Number of aggregations: 61
  • —   Number of rural and urban districts: 24
  • —   District center: Usharal (15,4 thousand people)
  • —   Village Dostyk: more than 3 thousand people (incl. 1/3 — railway workers)

Station Dostyk is a frontier transfer station and it services a full complex of operations to accept and forward trains, which run through the state border, transshipment from a car to a car in connection with the gauge change, freight and passenger cars rearrangement from one track to another, formation and breaking-up of trains departing and arriving from Kazakhstan and other countries.

The station gridiron consists of three receiving-departure yards and a yard for the customs control of trains and cars.

There is a servicing tower for cars and cars rearrangement center (CRC) from a wide track to a narrow one and back and seven transshipment areas.

CRC has 10 positions to change wheelpairs of passenger cars and 42 positions to change wheelpairs of freight cars.

The traffic capacity of an adjoining part Aktogay – Dostyk is increasing every year. In 2008 it was about 18 million tonnes. Pursuant to the predictions of expected transportation volumes through the border terminal Dostyk – Alashankou cargo flow will have increased up to 23 million tonnes a year by 2014.

Station management
Name, surname Position Contact phone number RW telephone
Zhaniyazov Nurym Lepessovich Director of the station 8-728-333-1015 6-22-00
Director’s reception room 6-22-05
Kaldybayev Manatbek Nagmanovich The first deputy director 6-22-01
Bainagayev Murat Tukanovich Deputy director of foreign economic relations 6-28-17
Shoinbekov Mirbolat Nurketayevich Freight operation deputy director 6-22-03
Orynbayev Kairat Muratovich Chief engineer 8-728-333-1011 6-22-04