KMTF development strategy up to 2020

Strategy “Kazmortransflot” is directed on creation and development of the national sea merchant marine fleet, called to bring the essential contribution to maintenance of transport independence of Republic Kazakhstan.

Creation and development of a national sea merchant marine fleet for maintenance of safe, reliable and profitable sea transportations in the Caspian sea and the high seas.

KMTF is a competitive integrated shipping company which is carrying out the activity according to the international standards of navigation on principles of competitiveness.

Strategic purposes:
KMTF intends to receive the status of the national sea carrier and render competitive service on transportation of oil and oil products, passengers and cargo, including humanitarian one, specific cargo in the status of national carrier, also participate in single state policy formation in the field of merchant shipping, provide implementation of its main directions, collaborate in the field of merchant shipping internationally and take part in creation of the legal basis of merchant shipping in RK.

KMTF will develop as an integrated shipping company, rendering service on oil transportation, dry cargo freight, fleet service on sea procedures support, service within the scope of sea oil fields, supporting development of shipbuilding and ship-repairing infrastructure in Kazakhstan, following Strategic development plan of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2020, Long-term strategy of the Sole shareholder of Kazmortransflot, State program on forced industrial and innovative development of RK for 2010-2014 and program of sea transport development for 2006-2012 with the aim to achieve its Mission and Vision.

Provide not less than 2/3 oil transport capacity and ½ dry cargo capacity with the help of the own fleet from the ports of the Republic of Kazakhstan by 2020;

Tend to increase EBITDA margin level no less than 33%, ROACE margin level – at the level of 12% by 2020;

Aim to transparence of activity and financial soundness to attract investors.

KMTF is planning to have the following amount of fleet by 2020:
— 10 tankers with deadweight 12–13 thousand tonnes;
— 6 tankers of “Aframax” type;
— 4 tankers of “Suetsmax” type;
— 5 units of dry cargo ships;
— 2 product carriers;
— 2 multi-purpose ferries;
— 29 units of sea procedures support fleet.

The fleet tonnage of KMTF conglomerates will reach from 305 thousand tones till 1 million tones implementing Strategy till 2020