Industrial and logistics hub Khorgos
Location area of SEZ SEZ “Khorgos — Eastern gate” is being set up on the territory of Panphilov district in Almaty region, territory area constitutes 5 840 hectares.
The decree № 187 of the President about SEZ “Khorgos — Eastern gate” formation was signed on 29 November 2011.
The concept of further development of ICBC (International centre of boundary cooperation) “Khorgos”, sanctioned by the Government board of RK on 30 June 2006, № 633, makes provision for consideration of application possibility of special favourable customs tax investment treatments.

The goals for the integrated development of transport and logistics system in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme leader have been entrusted to the National Company “Kazakstan Temir Zholy” as a logistics operator in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Currently, in accordance with the instructions of the Government board “NC “KTZ” JSC has embarked on one of the largest projects "Construction and comprehensive development of special economic zone “Khorgos — Eastern Gate”, which is important for the task to implement an integrated form of transport and logistics system.

Formation of a special economic zone “Khorgos — Eastern Gate” (further — SEZ “Khorgos Eastern Gate”) provided pursuant to orders of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on 21.12.2010, № 6225, and in accordance with the key areas

The main objectives of SEZ «Khorgos — Eastern Gate» are:

  1. Creation of an efficient transport and logistics and industrial center, in the interest of trade and export activities and the implementation of the transit potential of Kazakhstan, as well as promoting the development of economic and cultural exchanges with neighboring countries;
  2. Integration of Kazakh products in the global system of production and marketing, creating innovative and competitive domestic products in accordance with international standards;
  3. Creation of the favorable investment climate and attraction of domestic and foreign investments for the implementation of investment projects;
  4. Accelerated development of the region to enhance the occurrence of the republic’s economy into the world economic relations;
  5. Improvement of the legal norms of market relations, the introduction of modern management techniques and management;
  6. Increase of the employment of population.
The main components of SEZ:

  • —   ICBC “Khorgos” JSC is a network of trading-exposition centers and a business cooperation area;
  • —   ”Holosteric port” as a transport and logistics complex;
  • —   Industrial zone as an industrial complex;
  • —   Residential zone as a settlement territory;
  • —   Supplementary infrastructure and perspective development territory.
Priority kinds of SEZ activity

  1. Warehousing and auxiliary transport activity;
  2. Manufacture of foodstuff;
  3. Manufacture of leather and relevant to it production;
  4. Manufacture of textile products;
  5. Manufacture of other not metal mineral production;
  6. Manufacture of products of chemical industry;
  7. manufacture of finished metal articles, except machines and equipment;
  8. Manufacture of machines and equipment, not included in other categories;
  9. Construction according to the design estimates of buildings for the organization of exhibitions, a museum, warehouse and office buildings.
Additional advantages for SEZ participants

  • —   Availability of the “Western Europe – Western China” international highway;
  • —   Availability of railway infrastructure (Altynkol station and railway line Zhetygen-Korgas);
  • —   Connectedness to “Aktau” seaport.
The authorized state body on issues regarding SEZ

The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan (MINT RK) is the central executive body which carries the government regulation in the sphere of establishment, operation and abolition of special economic zones.

General regulatory matters in the sphere of establishment, operation and abolition of special economic zones, defining the requirements for applicants and list of documents to submit by the applicants for the realization of activities as the participant of the SEZ and entering him/her in the register of the participants of the SEZ, and the procedures of processing the application for the realization of activities as the participant of the SEZ are determined in the № 469-VI Act “Concerning special economic zones in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, on 21 July 2011.

In accordance with the Republic of Kazakhstan Act «Concerning special economic zones in the Republic of Kazakhstan» the Concept and Feasibility Study of SEZ «Khorgos — Eastern Gate» were developed, the project was submitted to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


The Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation, JSC was established under the Agreements between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the People's Republic of China on 4 March 2005,№ 204.

Creation of ICNC “Khorgos” assumes the formation of visa-free entry territory for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People's Republic of China, and also third countries to realize business meetings, learn industrial production, issued in Kazakhstan, China and CIS countries, transact business and spend leisure-time, implement activities, endorsed by authorized state structures and not prohibited by national legislations of Kazakhstan and China.