About the portal

The portal is an original interactive place for negotiations on questions of transport and logistics service development.
The portal will contain detailed information about development strategies of transport and logistics system in RK, proposition’s book in the sector.
At the same time, the first special-purpose research analytic centre on studying and development of transport logistics in Kazakhstan is planned to be established on the basis of the portal; it will become an important mechanism in maintenance and implementation of innovative projects and display all statistic information in the logistic centre.

In July 2011 “National centre for transport logistics development” JSC (further JSC “NCTLD” was established at “NC “Kazakhstan Temir zholy” JSC with its main purpose to attain the state objective of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev — on assurance of Kazakhstan formation as a trade, logistic and business regional hub (the journal of extended proceedings of the Government RK with the participation of the President RK, № 01–7.4 of April, 17, 2011).

An information analytic portal on transport logistics www.kazlogistics.kz (further — The portal) has been formed as a part of the single toolset establishment for development of JSC “NCTLD”, the transport and logistics sector in RK.

The main targets of the portal formation

  1. Organization of an original interactive place for negotiations regarding transport and logistics service development issues;
  2. Promotion of transport logistics development in RK;
  3. Unification of participants of logistic processes in the Customs union and other countries;
  4. Information methodological maintenance of transport strategy RK;
  5. Formation of practical recommendations to make decisions on transport logistics issues;
  6. Assignment of analytic reports, researches, predictions;
  7. Reporting on Logistics Performance Index (LPI).
The basis of the portal is planned to create

  • —   Trading platform to search partners and performers on goods transportation and delivery;
  • —   Catalog of arrangements (storing, materials handling, transportation, education in logistics, consulting, logistic centers etc.);
  • —   Information centre with data on Customs union, the legislation, a logist’s calendar, a logist’s reference book in countries (a logist’s library, calculator of distances and routes, service centers etc), articles and interviews of experts, information about tenders and procurement on logistics etc.;
  • —   Calculator of distances and routes;
  • —   Tenders and procurement on logistics.
Results of the portal formation

The portal formation, covering a wide range of service in transport field purposes to provide fundamental knowledge, information and analytics for any type of audience being of interest to Kazakhstan, notably:

  1. Development of the sector and mobilization of transit freight traffic and routes into Kazakhstan
  2. Attraction of foreign investors to the transport logistic sector
  3. Formation of interactive information database to analyze and monitor the condition of transport logistic sector
  4. Access grant to analytic researches, catalogue database of transport logistic market participants
  5. Interactive intercourse on transport logistics issues