On the export control

—  The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan with amendments and additions as of July, 7, 2011

—  This Law establishes basis and order of the armament export control implementation, as well as defense technology, nuclear and special non-nuclear material, military production, dual-purpose (application) goods and technology , raw materials, materials, equipment, technology, scientific and technical information and service, relating to their production and usage for the benefit of international and national safety, and the consolidation of weapons of mass destruction nonproliferation regime.

On the plants quarantine

—  The Law № 344-I of the Republic of Kazakhstan of February, 11, 1999

—  This Law establishes the legal basis and implementation principles of state measures at plants quarantine, being a part of the national safety ensuring system on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On veterinary

— The Law № 339-II of the Republic of Kazakhstan of July, 10, 2002.

— This Law establishes the legal, organizing and economic basis of activity implementation in sphere of veterinary and aimed at the veterinary and sanitary safety insurance.