Новости отрасли
28 января 2013 г.
KTZ includes transportation of Kazakhstan around the concept of "logistics"

Transportation and logistics association «Kazlogistics» which was established in accordance with the Master Plan of JSC «NC «KTZ» in March 2012 less than a year joined 17 organizations and enterprises. Given the associated members in the sphere of influence TLA has more than 400 companies.

Due to the growing cooperation between modes of JSC «NC» KTZ «, as the operator of the future of transport and logistics hub of Kazakhstan with the assistance of „Kazlogistics“ implements a number of important transcontinental projects. Among them: „E-Train“ project of automatic control for all modes of transport, „ACS Logistics“, the container train „Chongqing-Duisburg“, the project „Improving logistics climate of LPI“ and others.
As the Advisor to the President of JSC „NC“ KTZ „Chairman of the transport and logistics association " Kazlogistics“ Yuriy Lavrinenko» reported, «we see our role in solving systemic problems of transport improving communication at the junction of industries».
The association collects and updates information on the transport and logistics industry in Kazakhstan which is published on our website www.kazlogistics.kz and it is used as a guide for improvement.
In the framework of the signed Memorandum between the JSC «NC «KTZ» and Kazlogistics in September 20, 2012 in Almaty, the National Centre for logistics and Freight Forwarders Association of Kazakhstan is to establish and develop cooperation in the framework of relations shipper-carrier-trader-Customs to link them into a single action logistics scheme.
The coordinating role of JSC «NC «KTZ " in the process of educational attainment will coordinate the logistics of transport activities of colleges and Kazakh Academy for Transport and Communication of the RK on training collar occupations, middle management and higher education in this field.
5 December 2012 Kazlogistics was admitted to the CFCFA — Federation of Carrier and Forwarder of the Central Asian states. Currently it was applied for membership of FIATA — International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations.